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Interview Transcript PSIR | UPSC CSE 2020

Interview Transcript PSIR
[UPSC CSE 2020]

Board Composition – 3 M (including Chair) and 2 F Interview Transcript PSIR
Entered the room, members were sitting in a U formation.
Cautiously greeted them with Good afternoon as I was the first one to go in noon.

Chairman Sir humbly asked to remove face shield and mask for photo confirmation, told me to putmy mask back and keep the nose covered throughout the interview.


1. Since you have studied both civil engineering and political science, which one of these would you consider yourself as a ‘scholar’ of? (I replied none)
2. Okay, then what would you prefer between the two? (Civil engineering)
3. Do you remember the basics of Civil engineering? Tell me the things you remember or follow regarding this discipline?
4. Tell me the biggest mistake of your life.
5. Since you are in govt. service already, tell me something that have brought sea change in lives of individuals/public interest. (I emphasised on work done during COVID-19 1st and 2nd wave)
6. Sir said that it was mainly the work you did in a cohort or a group, but something that people will associate to my name only. (I humbly said that I am just a small part of governance structure and I can’t possible replace the name of govt./admin) Sir nodded saying that it is then true for any level that you will reach in your lifetime then(I said yes).
7. Name the places where Legislative councils are present in India.
8. Assume that Punjab govt. wants to bring a proposal that they want a Legislative council, what’s your take on it? (started providing pros and cons, mainly cons)
9. Let the answer be binary and now answer (No). Now assume it gets passed, what will be your course of action as you have opposed it? (Favoured the law of land logic and said legal mandate is superior)
10. Whether you’ll be consistent regarding this throughout administration even if it hurts your conscience. (Said yes, told that legal conscience need to be right)
11. What’s conscience? Are there any dimensions to it?

Member 1:

1. Read aloud my DAF with Hindi poetry as hobby. Said that he will recite few lines and I have to tell which poet it is? (I couldn’t, said humbly that I don’t know)
2. Asked about whether I read, write or recite poetry, the type of poetry, topics associated.
3. Went on to ask about the difference between Nayi Kavita and Kavita.
4. Then asked about 5/6 Chhandaswas. (I humbly said that I just follow it as a hobby, I am not a student of Hindi Literature)
5. He moved towards the Revenue part of my DAF. Asked few terms and their meanings in land records – Chahi-awwal, Inteqal, types of land etc. (Answered them correctly)
6. Last question was arbitrary on PSIR, M1 asked that what is relationship between Justice and Politics? (Tried to answer with the help of Preamble, DPSP, Idea of justice; politics as means and end etc)

Member 2:

1. Pointed out towards the employer part of my DAF. Asked what is FCR?
2. What do we do in disaster management as a Tehsildar?
3. Role of Tehsildar as per NDMA, 2005.
4. Provide for 2/3 disasters in which Tehsildars have key role- pointed out Avian influenza(as it was the case in point in Panchkula district), floods, droughts
5. Droughts and classification of land (Follow-up)
6. Let’s assume that there is an urgent shortage of water in district of Haryana, what will be the course of action? (I provided for the intra, inter district management and effective calculation of water requirement)
7. Is there any contingency plan with respect to such action?
8. Follow-up on District Disaster management plan. (provided for that)

Member M3 (F):

1. Started with asking what is Pre-emptive Land titling? (I said I don’t know clearly, so I would refrain from saying anything)
2. What is the future outlook of India-China relations?
3. What are the confidence building measures?
4. Approach of China with respect to maintaining order.
5. Provide for at least 3 changes or developments that I as a Tehsildar want to increase revenue collection of the state/dist. I started enlisting the basic e-governance reforms, she stopped in between and said, none of the changes should include the e-governance part, now tell. I enumerated the three changes with respect to Land records and revenue collection. She seemed more than satisfied. Interview Transcript PSIR

Member 4 (F):

1. What are the key issues of water distribution between Delhi and Haryana? (Humbly said that I don’t know much about it)
2. Critically examine the US policy with respect to Afghanistan. (provided with the timeline and changes during different Prez)
3. Do you think that US has learnt nothing from Vietnam? (I nodded and smiled, she affirmed that as well)
4. Asked the reasons of Afghanistan involvement of US. Focused on ideology tilt and resources etc.
5. “Justice delayed is justice denied”. Provide for 3 such changes that you would like to bring to ensure speedy justice. (Special courts to reduce criminalisation of politics for MLAs/MPs since it was in news the same day; streamlining of Land titling cases and more powers to grassroot/ district officers ; Arbitration with the help of NALSA, Lok adalats, out of court
settlements; Recruitments in lower judiciary and more directed funding) Mam Smiled and pointed towards Chairman.

Chairman sir said Thank you, Your interview is over, you may leave.

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