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International Day of Parliamentarism 2023

Every year, June 30th marks the celebration of the International Day of Parliamentarism, a day dedicated to commemorating the formation of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).


Every year, June 30th marks the celebration of the International Day of Parliamentarism. This day is dedicated to commemorating the formation of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

History of International Day of Parliamentarism

The United Nations General Assembly established the International Day of Parliamentarism in 2018 through a resolution. This commemorative day recognizes the pivotal role of parliaments in the development and functioning of democratic societies. By celebrating this day, the world acknowledges the importance of parliamentary institutions and their impact on policymaking, legislation, and representation.

Theme of International Day of Parliamentarism

The theme for the International Day of Parliamentarism 2023 is “Strengthening Democracy and Governance.” This theme focuses on the pivotal role parliaments play in advancing democracy, fostering inclusivity, and promoting effective governance. It highlights the need for collaboration and cooperation among parliamentarians and citizens to address global challenges and build sustainable and equitable societies.

Significance of International Day of Parliamentarism

The International Day of Parliamentarism carries great importance as it provides leaders time to assess the developments made by parliaments in promoting transparency, accountability and inclusivity. It also encourages the adoption of new technologies and the participation of women and young parliamentarians. By adopting these principles, parliaments can effectively represent the voices of their citizens and ensure democratic governance.

This campaign promotes the idea that climate action should begin within parliaments themselves. It emphasizes the importance of leading by example, encouraging parliaments and parliamentarians to adopt sustainable practices within their institutions before advocating for broader change among the general public. By prioritizing sustainability within their own operations, parliaments can effectively contribute to addressing the challenges of climate change.

Why Celebrate International Day of Parliamentarism?

  • Recognizing Democratic Principles: The day offers an opportunity to honor and promote democratic principles, including transparency, accountability, and citizen participation.
  • Appreciating Parliamentary Contributions: Celebrating parliaments acknowledges their critical role in shaping legislation, ensuring government accountability, and safeguarding the rights and interests of citizens.
  • Raising Awareness: The celebration raises awareness about the importance of parliaments in ensuring democratic governance, fostering political stability, and safeguarding human rights.
  • Encouraging Public Engagement: International Day of Parliamentarism inspires citizens to engage with their parliamentary representatives, providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration.
  • Promoting International Cooperation: The day promotes global cooperation and exchange of best practices among parliamentary institutions, fostering democracy worldwide.


The International Day of Parliamentarism serves as a reminder of the vital role that parliaments play in shaping societies. It also highlights their role in promoting democracy. It calls upon citizens, parliamentarians, and governments to work together to strengthen democratic principles and ensure effective governance. By celebrating this day and actively engaging in democratic processes. We contribute to a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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