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India and US To Establish Monitoring Group to Boost High-Tech Trade and Tech Partnership

A significant milestone has been reached in high-tech trade and technology with the establishment of a monitoring group and the progress made during the inaugural meeting of the India-US Strategic Trade Dialogue. The meeting, held in Washington D.C., solidified the commitment of both countries to deepen cooperation in these areas. As part of the India-US initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies (iCET), the dialogue serves as a crucial mechanism to promote strategic technology and trade collaborations. This partnership holds great importance, and the article explores the key highlights of the meeting in further detail.

Setting up a Monitoring Group for Tech Trade Cooperation:

To ensure effective monitoring of the bilateral high-tech trade and technology partnership, India and the US have decided to establish a dedicated monitoring group. This group will be responsible for reviewing the progress made in deepening cooperation in critical domains such as semiconductors, space, telecom, quantum technology, artificial intelligence, defense, and biotechnology.

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Focus on Facilitating Technology Development and Trade:

The IUSSTD meeting emphasized the need for both governments to facilitate the development and trade of technologies in crucial sectors. Recognizing the significance of resilient supply chains, the delegations reviewed relevant bilateral export control regulations. The aim is to diversify and strengthen supply chains for strategic technologies. This collaborative effort will contribute to bolstering technological capabilities and promoting innovation in both countries.

Strengthening Bilateral Export Control Regulations:

India and the US reviewed their ongoing cooperation in multilateral export control regimes and agreed to share best practices. The focus is on aligning export control regulations to support the development and trade of critical technologies. By enhancing awareness among industry, academia, and other stakeholders through workshops and activities, the two nations aim to foster a conducive environment for the growth of high-tech trade.

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Enhancing Food Safety Practices

To further strengthen food safety practices, FSSAI released three manuals that provide guidance and analysis methods. The Manual of Methods of Analysis of Foods – Fish & Fish Products, Manual of Methods of Analysis of Foods – Cereal and Cereal Products – 2nd edition, and Manual of Methods of Analysis of Foods – Beverages: Tea, Coffee & Chicory aim to align food analysis with technological advancements and promote adherence to safety standards.

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