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Importance Of Plains

The Great Plains of India have been the repository of the Indian culture. This is covered with one of the most....Importance Of Plains...

The Great Plains of India have been the repository of the Indian culture. This is covers with one of the most productive soils of the world. Its soils have the capacity to grow any crop of the tropical and temperate regions. The main points of significance of the Great Plains of India are as under:

  • The soils of the plains are agriculturally most fertile. They are being devotes to the cereal and non-cereal crops. The plains are often termed as the “Granary of India”.
  • Most of the rivers traversing the Northern Plains of India are perennial in nature. A number of canals have been carved out of these rivers which make agriculture more remunerative and sustainable.
  • The northern plains have a rich underground water-table which is being utilises through tube-wells and pumping sets for irrigation, domestic and industrial purposes.
  • The rivers of the plain have very gentle gradients which makes them navigable over long distances.
  • Development of infrastructure like roads and railways could become easy in the plains.
  • The sedimentary rocks of plains have petroleum and natural gas deposits.
  • The plains constitute less than one-third of the total area of the country, but support over 40% of the total population of the country.
  • The plains have witnessed several religious, political, culturaland social movements since the dawn of history. Some of the great religions of the world, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism have their origin in the Great Plains of India.
List of World’s Important Plains
Indo-Gangetic plain of India
  • This plain lies in the south of Himalayas stretching from the Sulaiman mountains to the Gargo and Lushai Hills.
  • It is 100 to 300 miles wide.
  • It is a flat and alluvial plain with deep and fertile soil. There is a net-work of roads and railways with the best system of irrigation canals in the world. It is one of the most thickly populated parts of the world.
Llanos (S.America)

The vast plains of the Orinoco basin. In the dry season they are a desert but in the rainy season there is an abundance of grass.

Lombardy Plains 

The most fertile parts of Italy watered by the River PoThey grow corns, fruits and mulberry plants over which silkworm is reared.

Pampas (S. America) 

The wide, treeless, grass-covered plains of the La Plata river system, which are the most extensive pasture lands in the world.


The vast impenetrable forests of the Amazon Valley. It is a region of great heat and heavy rainfall and has the largest forest in the world.


Steppes has the vast treeless plains of Russia extending from the Caspian Sea eastwards. They are very hot in summer and very cold in winter and have no rainfall.

Importance Of Plains,Importance Of Plains,Importance Of Plains

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