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Hunas – Post Gupta Age

Hunas upsc – Post Gupta Age – UPSC Ancient History Notes

Hunas’ Onslaught in the Gupta Era: The incursion of the Hunas during the Gupta era represented a turbulent phase in Indian history. Originating from the Central Asian steppes, these nomadic communities, commonly referred to as Huns, migrated into the subcontinent, leaving an enduring imprint.

The invasions, marked by their ruthless nature and territorial conquests, constituted a pivotal chapter that significantly influenced the political dynamics of ancient India.

Huna Groups and Movements:

The Huna communities, stemming from Central Asian origins, played a significant role in shaping the cultural and historical landscape of the Indian subcontinent. Their nomadic movements, categorized into Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Huna, unfolded diverse trajectories, leaving a lasting impact across different regions and societies.

Historical Roots and Migration:

The Huna communities, termed Malechhas, derived their association with practices like polyandry from the Mahabharata. Their migration divided into streams toward the Oxus Valley and Volga River, extending influence into Europe and impacting Sassanid Persia.

Toramana’s Rule and Gupta Decline:

Around 500 AD, Toramana’s conquest of Gandhara marked the consolidation of White Huna power, exploiting the Gupta Empire’s feudal structure. Subsequent ruler Mihirkula’s cruelty and anti-Buddhist policies led to conflict with Gupta King Narsimhgupta Baladityaraja II, resulting in Yasodharman’s defeat of Mihirkula and the end of White Huna dominance in India (528 AD).

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Yasodharman and Gupta Decline:

Yasodharman, credited with checking Huna expansion, is known through inscriptions in Mandsor and Bijaygarh. His swift rise and disappearance around 540 AD coincided with the Gupta Empire’s decline.

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Huna Invasions on Gupta India:

Two major Huna invasions occurred during Skandagupta’s reign in 458 AD and post his death around 470 AD. The Gothic wars ensued, with Skandagupta repelling the first invasion. The second invasion, led by Mihirkula, temporarily overthrew the Gupta Empire until Yasodharman’s victory marked the collapse of Huna power in India.

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