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Exercise MITRA SHAKTI-2023

Exercise Mitra Shakti 2023

India engages in a variety of military exercises with numerous countries across different domains—land, air, and sea. These exercises aren’t just about showcasing military prowess; they’re about building trust, understanding, and cooperation among participating nations.

The ninth edition of the joint military exercise between India and Sri Lanka, Exercise MITRA SHAKTI-2023, commenced in Aundh (Pune).

Other Major Military Exercises Involving India:

Military Exercises:

  • Indra: India-Russia
  • Yudh Abhyas: India-USA
  • Hand-in-Hand: India-China
  • Shakti: India-France
  • Sampriti: India-Bangladesh
  • Surya Kiran: India-Nepal

Air Force Exercises:

  • Indradhanush: India-UK
  • Garuda: India-France
  • Cope India: India-USA
  • SINDEX: India-Singapore
  • Blue Flag: Multinational (includes India)
  • Red Flag: Multinational (includes India)

Naval Exercise:

  • Malabar: India-USA-Japan-Australia
  • Varuna: India-France
  • SIMBEX: India-Singapore
  • IBSAMAR: India-Brazil-South Africa
  • Naseem-Al-Bahr: India-Oman
  • SLINEX: India-Sri Lanka

These exercises are significant joint military training endeavors involving India and various partner countries, aimed at enhancing bilateral and multilateral cooperation, interoperability, and readiness among the participating nations’ armed forces.

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