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Effects Of Volcanism

A volcano is an opening or rupture in the earth’s surface that allows magma (hot liquid and semi-liquid rock)....Effects Of Volcanism..

A volcano is an opening or rupture in the earth’s surface that allows magma (hot liquid and semi-liquid rock), volcanic ash and gases to escape. The volcanic eruption could have implications for the local and regional environment like earthquakes, landslides, lahars (mudflows), ash and thunderstorms.

Constructive effects of volcanic eruptions

  • Formation of Fertile Soils– Volcanic soils are fertile, rich in minerals and very good for agriculture. In India, such soil type is referred as Laterite soil, which is mainly concentrated in the eastern and western ghats.
  • Creation of new land Volcanic eruptions can create new land for human habitation. For example, new island formed in the South Pacific due to Hunga Tonga volcano eruptions.
  • Provides useful materials– Volcanic eruptions provide useful igneous rocks such as granite and basalt. Both granite and basalt are highly used in construction projects.
  • Geothermal energy– The heat trapped in the heart of the volcanoes can be utilised as geothermal energy to produce electricity.
  • Volcano Tourism– Fireworks from active volcanoes draw several tourists from different parts of the world and makes the volcanic island a popular tourism spot.

Destructive effects of the volcanoes

  • Effects on climate: Volcanic eruptions have drastic effects on the planet’s climate due to the eruption of gases that occur during volcanism. The gases once in the atmosphere greatly influence the planet and lead to unpredictable weather conditions.
  • Pyroclastic Flows: When a volcanic eruption occurs, it often gives rise to clouds of hot gas known as ‘pyroclastic flows’. It consists of small volcanic rocks, debris, etc. They travel at extremely high speed and are of exceptionally high temperature. Any person caught in them or that comes in contact with them is instantly killed.
  • Volcanic Ash: Volcanic Ash contains many tiny fragments of Rocks and Minerals and often also contain volcanic glass. These are extremely harmful to human and animal life if breathed in.

Effects Of Volcanism

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