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Eco Collapse Underway Now

Context : In 2023, June was the warmest month ever recorded, different climatic anomalies have been recorded that set new historical.....Eco Collapse Underway Now

Context : In 2023, June was the warmest month ever recorded, different climatic anomalies have been recorded that set new historical records in the tragic progression of climate change at the global level.

What are the Key Findings?

Understanding El Niño and its Impact:

What is El Niño?
  • Continuous La Niña Episodes: In early 2023, the third consecutive La Niña episode concluded, the third time since 1950, and with increasing intensity.
  • Impact on Temperature: In 2016, El Niño contributed to the record-high global average temperature.
  • Super El Niño: Scientists believe a Super El Niño may be repeating, with unknown consequences due to high greenhouse gas levels and the climate crisis dynamics.
What is Climate Crisis and its Impact?
  • In June, North Atlantic surface temperature increased by 1.3 degrees Celsius compared to preindustrial levels.
  • The average temperature of the seas at the global level increased.
  • Antarctic ice retraction hits 2016’s historical low, occurring months earlier during the cold season.
  • Global air temperature reached 17.23 degrees Celsius, highest in centuries, surpassing preindustrial values by 1.68 degrees Celsius.
  • Continental temperatures broke records: 40 degrees Celsius in Siberia and 50 degrees Celsius in Mexico.
  • England experienced its warmest June since historical data collection began in 1884.
  • Uruguay faces a severe drought, leading to a shortage of fresh water since May.
    • The Montevideo metropolitan area, where 60% of the country’s population resides, is affected as tap water becomes undrinkable due to the use of brackish water sources.
    • If the drought persists, this region could be left without drinking water, making it the world’s first city to suffer such a catastrophe.
  • Apocalyptic Scenes: Widespread fires cause New York to be darkened and stained red under a blanket of ashes.
    • New York witnessed- darkened and stained red under a blanket of ashes due to widespread fires.
What are the Causes of Climate Crisis ?
  • Failure of Policies: Current policies to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have failed to address the crisis adequately.
  • Warnings from Experts: Reports from WMO and IPCC warn of the likelihood of exceeding the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold with severe consequences.
  • Tragic Evidence: The accumulation of evidence highlights the undeniable reality of the climate crisis.
  • Weak Adaptation Policies: Efforts to minimize climate change impacts are weak or absent.
  • Record Carbon Dioxide Levels: CO2 levels reach an all-time high, more than 50% higher than before the industrial era.
  • Rapid Temperature Rise: Global surface temperature has risen faster since 1970 than in any other 50-year period in the last 2,000 years.

The situation demands urgent action and stronger policies to combat the escalating climate crisis and protect our planet’s future.

Urgency for Change:
  • Need of Social and Climate Justice: Popular movements emphasize the need for socio-ecological transition and climate justice.
  • Emergency Mitigation and Adaptation Plan: Proposing an urgent plan to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
  • Breaking Epistemological Construction: Challenging the notion that such catastrophes are solely natural, and acknowledging social responsibility.
  • Moving Beyond Resignation: Rejecting ecological blindness and embracing collective bonds, solidarity, and resilience for transformative change.
Ques 1: What is La Niña?

Answer: La Niña is a climatic event characterized by the cooling of the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, leading to below-average sea surface temperatures.

Ques 2: What is El Niño?

Answer: El Niño is a climatic event characterized by the warming of the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, leading to above-average sea surface temperatures.

Ques 3: What are the impacts of La Niña and El Niño?

Answer: La Niña can bring cooler and wetter conditions, leading to increased rainfall and flooding in some regions. On the other hand, El Niño can cause warmer and drier conditions, leading to droughts and reduced rainfall in some areas. Both events can have significant impacts on weather patterns worldwide.

Eco Collapse Underway Now,Eco Collapse Underway Now

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