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Contributions made by Indians to Space Technology

Contributions made by Indians to Space Technology

India’s space program, since launching its first satellite, Aryabhatta, in 1975, has achieved remarkable milestones. From developing indigenous cryogenic engines to advancing multi-dimensional space technology applications, India has made substantial strides with limited external assistance and no technology sharing from developed nations. Recent years have seen the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) achieve monumental successes, marking significant advancements in space exploration.

Chandrayaan 2: India overcame a technical glitch, launching its second lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, a week later than planned. Costing $145 million (£116 million), the mission aims to make history by being the first to land on the Moon’s South Pole.

INSAT: This satellite network revolutionized communication and broadcasting throughout South Asia, particularly in India. Its impact extended across television, radio, telecommunications, and meteorology, marking a significant advancement in these sectors. The development of the Polarized Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) aimed to establish a cost-effective launch system. This initiative has fostered greater international space collaboration by enabling the launch of satellites from various nations at reduced expenses.

Chandrayaan 1: It has launched Chandrayaan 1 lunar probe mission in 2008.

Mangalyan: In 2013, ISRO made history by sending Mangalyan, its mission spacecraft, to orbit Mars on its first try.

ASTROSAT: In 2015, it sent its first space observatory, becoming the fourth agency globally to do so, after NASA, Roscosmos, and ESA.

Scramjet: ISRO has introduced the Scramjet, a Supersonic Combusting Ramjet, utilizing an Air-breathing Propulsion System. This innovative technology harnesses atmospheric oxygen to combust fuel within the rocket, enabling efficient propulsion.

RLV-TD: ISRO showcased its Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV-TD), a space shuttle designed for launching satellites into Earth’s orbit and safely re-entering the atmosphere thereafter.

104 satellites: ISRO made history with the successful launch of 104 satellites in a single mission.

Crew Escape module: ISRO has test-launched Crew Escape Module paving the way for crewed space mission Gaganyaan.

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