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Climate Shift Index (CSI)

The present heatwave in Uttar Pradesh is caused by climate change. Climate Shift Index (CSI). CSI uses a categorical five-point..

Why in news?

According ‘Climate Shift Index’, the present heatwave in Uttar Pradesh is caused by climate change.

About Climate Shift Index (CSI)

  • CSI is a model developed by a reputed U.S. nonprofit called Climate Central.
  • CSI uses a categorical five-point scale to show how climate change makes daily average temperatures more or less likely around the world.

Determination of Climate Change

  • An exercise to determine climate change’s influence on a weather event involves detection and attribution.
  • Attribution compares real conditions with counterfactual world where climate change has not occurred.
  • Heatwave was detected in UP for June 14-16 period.
  • In terms of Attribution, the heatwave was made twice as likely due to global warming.

Problems in CSI

  • It does not account for the confluence of multiple natural weather conditions & human decisions that led to a heatwave.
  • Poor rainfall data coverage in India can lead to imperfect models.

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