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Bindusara (Mauryan Empire)

Bindusara (Mauryan Empire)


Bindusara was the second ruler of the Mauryan Empire in ancient India, succeeding his father Chandragupta Maurya. He reigned from approximately 297 BCE to 272 BCE. Bindusara expanded the empire, consolidating its territories across the Indian subcontinent. Despite the limited historical records, Bindusara gained renown for preserving the administrative and military prowess established by his father, Chandragupta Maurya, and actively contributing to the stability and growth of the Mauryan Empire.

About rule of Bindusara

Ascension to the Throne (c. 298 BCE): Bindusara ascended to the throne of the Mauryan Empire after his father, Chandragupta Maurya, abdicated in his favor. This marked the continuation of the imperial legacy.

2. Expansion of Mauryan Territories: During Bindusara’s reign, the Mauryan Empire expanded its boundaries further, incorporating regions in the Indian subcontinent. Specific details of these conquests are not extensively documented.

3. Diplomacy and Alliances: Bindusara is believed to have maintained diplomatic relations with various neighboring states and established alliances. His policies may have contributed to the overall stability of the Mauryan Empire.

4. Administrative Continuity: Bindusara continued the administrative reforms initiated by Chandragupta Maurya. The Mauryan administrative system, known for its efficiency, endured and played a crucial role in the empire’s governance.

5. Relationship with Chanakya: Bindusara’s reign saw the influence of Chanakya, the renowned strategist and advisor. Chanakya, who played a key role in the establishment of the Mauryan Empire, likely continued to contribute to the governance during Bindusara’s rule.

6. Legacy and Succession: Bindusara’s reign set the stage for the rule of his famous son, Ashoka the Great. The stability and expansion achieved during Bindusara’s rule laid a strong foundation for the subsequent Mauryan achievements under Ashoka.

7. Cultural Contributions: Although historical details are limited, Bindusara is associated with actively contributing to the cultural and artistic heritage of the Mauryan Empire.However, specific achievements in this regard remain unclear due to a lack of detailed historical records.

8. Death and Succession: Bindusara’s death around 272 BCE paved the way for Ashoka to ascend to the Mauryan throne. Ashoka’s rule would go on to become one of the most celebrated periods in Indian history.


Bindusara’s reign as the second ruler of the Mauryan Empire, from around 298 BCE to 272 BCE, witnessed territorial expansion, administrative continuity, and diplomatic endeavors. While limited historical records make a detailed analysis challenging, Bindusara’s legacy lies in laying the groundwork for the remarkable rule of his son, Ashoka the Great, and contributing to the stability and growth of the Mauryan Empire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who ruled during the Golden Age of India?

Ans1. The Gupta Empire, which ruled the Indian subcontinent from 320 to 550 AD, ushered in a golden age of Indian civilization. It will forever be remembered as the period during which literature, science, and the arts flourished in India as never before.

Q2. Who destroyed the Mauryan empire?

Ans2. Pushyamitra Shunga, a Brahmana, finally destroyed the Maurya Empire in 185 BC. He served as a general under the last Maurya ruler, Brihadratha. He is said to have killed Brihadratha in public and forcibly usurped the throne of Pataliputra. The Shungas ruled in Pataliputra and central India.

Q3. What was the role of Bindusara in the Mauryan Empire?

Ans3. During his reign, Bindusara expanded the Maurya Empire southward, with Chanakya as his advisor. He brought 16 states under the Maurya Empire and thus conquered almost all of the Indian peninsula. Bindusara ignored the friendly Dravidian kingdoms of the Cholas, ruled by King Ilamcetcenni, the Pandyas, and Cheras.

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