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Bharat NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme)

Recently, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has approved the draft GSR (General Statutory Rules) notification to introduce Bharat NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme).

Why in News?

Recently, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has approved the draft GSR (General Statutory Rules) notification to introduce Bharat NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme).

  • NCAP will be rolled out from 1st April 2023 and will mean auto manufacturers in India as well as importers will have the option of getting cars star rated within country.
  • The USA was the first country to introduce a programme for testing the safety standards of a car through crash tests.

About Bharat NCAP(New Car Assessment Programme):

  • It is a significant step forward in the government’s commitment to improving road safety by raising the safety standards of motor vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes in India.
  • The programme aims to provide a tool for car customers to make a comparative assessment of the crash safety of motor vehicles available in the market.
  • Under this programme, car manufacturers can voluntarily offer their cars tested as per Automotive Industry Standard (AIS) 197.
  • Based on the performance of the car in the tests, the car will be awarded star ratings for Adult Occupants (AOP) and Child Occupants (COP).
  • To receive a 5-star rating, a vehicle needs at least 27 points in adult occupant protection and requires 41 points in child occupant protection.
  • These protocols are in line with Global NCAP norms when it comes to crash testing.
  • Three tests, including offset deformable barrier frontal impact test, side impact test, and pole side impact test — would determine the crashworthiness of the vehicles.
  • It would also mandate the installation of six airbags, electronic stability control (ESC), three-point seatbelts for every passenger, improved emergency braking systems, etc.


  • Empowering Consumers: By providing safety star ratings based on crash tests and assessments, Bharat NCAP empowers consumers to make more informed decisions when purchasing vehicles. These ratings give consumers a clear understanding of the safety levels of different models, enabling them to prioritize safety in their buying choices.
  • Promoting Healthy Competition: The program encourages healthy competition among Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to design and manufacture safer vehicles. Manufacturers striving to achieve higher safety star ratings are likely to incorporate advanced safety features, leading to continuous improvement in vehicle safety standards.
  • Elevating Vehicle Safety: Bharat NCAP plays a pivotal role in elevating the safety and quality standards of vehicles in India. Manufacturers are prompted to enhance safety features and structural integrity, resulting in vehicles that are better equipped to protect occupants and pedestrians in the event of a crash.
  • Contributing to Road Safety Improvement: The improved safety standards brought about by Bharat NCAP contribute to overall road safety improvement. Safer vehicles can help reduce the severity of accidents and minimize injuries, ultimately saving lives and reducing the societal burden of road accidents.
  • Global Automobile Manufacturing Hub: As Bharat NCAP encourages the manufacturing of vehicles that meet global safety standards, it aligns with India’s aspiration to become a global hub for automobile manufacturing. Safer vehicles produced in India can gain a competitive edge in international markets, bolstering the country’s reputation in the automotive industry.
  • Safeguarding Citizens’ Lives: At its core, Bharat NCAP is about protecting the lives of citizens. By promoting safer vehicles, the program contributes to a significant reduction in fatalities and injuries resulting from road accidents. This aligns with the larger societal goal of safeguarding lives and ensuring a safer road environment for everyone.


  • The Bharat NCAP represents a significant stride toward enhancing road safety in India through improved vehicle safety standards and informed consumer choices. It requires sustained efforts and collaboration to ensure its effectiveness in reducing road accidents and safeguarding lives.

MCQs about Bharat NCAP

Question 1: What does Bharat NCAP stand for?

a) Bharat New Car Assessment Programme
b) Bharat National Car Accreditation Programme
c) Bharat Novel Car Appraisal Protocol
d) Bharat Nationwide Crash Assessment Project

Question 2: When is the Bharat NCAP expected to be rolled out?

a) 1st April 2021
b) 1st April 2022
c) 1st April 2023
d) 1st April 2024.

Question 3: Which country was the first to introduce a program for testing the safety standards of cars through crash tests?

a) India
b) China
c) United Kingdom
d) United States

Question 4: What is the primary purpose of the Bharat NCAP?

a) Promote luxury car manufacturing in India
b) Evaluate fuel efficiency of vehicles
c) Enhance the safety standards of motor vehicles in India
d) Encourage electric vehicle adoption

Question 5: How are vehicles rated under the Bharat NCAP for Adult Occupants (AOP) and Child Occupants (COP) protection?

a) Ratings are based on the vehicle’s speed
b) Ratings are determined by the number of airbags installed
c) Ratings are assigned based on the points achieved in crash tests
d) Ratings are provided by the manufacturer

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